"The gateway opens once a week. Tomorrow I'm going in."

Originally written for the A Game By its Cover jam based on this cover:

Submitted to ECTOCOMP 2017. Content warnings for self-loathing, death and avoidable animal cruelty.

Development log


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I clicked on Silence link and nothing happened. Is that supposed to happen? it's just a blank text box.

i found more dead ends: do you remember where you encountered this?

Yeah I encountered this after clicking silence when they were going into the portal thing I believe? 

Personally I preferred the other version of this, but nice job nevertheless.

The other version? Which version are you referring to?

Oops sorry my bad, I was thinking of another game called Saturdays.

Ah, in the original AGBIC/A Game By Its Cover jam, there were a few games using the same cover.